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Mandarin Dresses in New York

A clothing store named Shanghai Hongxiang recently caught media attention in New York. What’s special about the store is that it takes custom orders to make Mandarin dresses, also known as cheongsam or qipao.

Red wedding qipao with embroidery
Red wedding qipao with embroidery

Mr. Zhu, the master tailor of Shanghai Hongxiang, has more than 30 years of Mandarin dress making experience since he was 18.

“To make a classic Mandarin dress, it requires measuring dozens of the body parts,” said Mr. Zhu. “When we make the dress, we must hand-sew the key areas needle by needle to ensure the right shape and a perfect fit.”

Chinese qipao dress store in New York
Chinese qipao dress store in New York

Hongxiang offers more than 300 types of fabrics for customers to choose. The way Mandarin dresses are custom made here is reminiscent of the first Hongxiang store, established in Shanghai in 1917, named after its owner. The owner’s family name was Jin. Hongxiang was his given name.

Mr. Jin was the first tailor to apply the silhouettes of Western dresses to Mandarin dresses, so Hongxiang quickly attracted many fashion lovers. Later, in 1935, Hongxiang earned national fame by custom-making the movie star Hu Diay’s wedding gown. Since Hu Diay means “butterfly” in Chinese, Mr. Jin embroidered 100 butterflies onto her wedding gown. That caused a sensation.

Movie star Hu Diay's wedding photo
Movie star Hu Diay’s wedding photo

It’s a pity that we cannot see the embroidered butterflies in the black-and-white wedding picture. However, if you like butterflies, here are two Mandarin dresses with beautiful butterfly prints.

Floral Qipao with Butterfly Print Red Long Length Delicate Trims
Floral Qipao with Butterfly Print Red Long Length Delicate Trims
Butterfly Print Silk Cheongsam
Butterfly Print Silk Cheongsam

Today the old Hongxiang still enjoys great popularity in Shanghai while the new Hongxiang is alluring American customers in New York. For a store like Hongxiang to survive and thrive in America’s fashion capital, it’s definitely no coincidence. It means there is an increasing demand for custom-made Mandarin dresses in New York.

As a matter of fact, Mandarin dresses are more and more popular with women of all races worldwide, since numerous Hollywood stars such as Nicole Kidman and Emma Watson have come out in stunning Mandarin dresses. However, Mandarin dresses require detailed tailoring. If you covet the graceful looks and figure flattering cuts of Mandarin dresses, a ready made Mandarin dress from mass production will disappoint you. Only an exclusively tailored Mandarin dress can deliver your dreams.

What if you don’t live in Shanghai or New York? Fortunately, there are on-line stores that let you submit your measurements and custom make Mandarin dresses for you. Elegente.com is the most renowned one of them.

Elegente.com offers more than 1,000 styles and fabric choices. No matter what your preferences are, you should be able to find something you like among Elegente dresses.

Below are some red Mandarin dresses with gold patterns which somewhat resemble the one from Shanghai Hongxiang in New York and can work for a Chinese-style wedding reception or formal Chinese New Year’s celebrations.

Red Wedding Cheongsam With Embroidered Golden Phoenix
Red Wedding Cheongsam With Embroidered Golden Phoenix
Red Brocade Chinese Wedding Qipao
Red Brocade Chinese Wedding Qipao
Embroidered Chinese Wedding Qipao with Dragon & Phoenix Pattern
Embroidered Chinese Wedding Qipao with Dragon & Phoenix Pattern
Red & Gold Chinese Wedding Gown With Triangle Cutout
Red & Gold Chinese Wedding Gown With Triangle Cutout
Wedding Cheongsam Fishtail Long Dress Brocade
Wedding Cheongsam Fishtail Long Dress Brocade

Wedding cheongsam gown show perfectly off Chinese bride

wedding cheongsam gown embroidery

The image of ideal women should be tall, slender, flat shoulders and narrow hips. As one of most perfect-fitted and elegant Chinese dress, Chinese qipao gown is charming and highlighting oriental women’s body.

Many famous international designers inspired their works from Chinese qipao gown and published their own western style qipao gowns.

At the same time, after combining with Western evening gown, Cheongsam wedding gown is taken more choice for Chinese girls in wedding. Wedding cheongsam gown isn’t only stopping in its China red and traditional patterns, but reforming with more fashionable colors and patterns.

silk vintage wedding cheongsam dress sleeveless_pipa_style_Chinese_wedding_cheongsam_gown  short_cheongsam_wedding_gownChinese_painting_wedding_cheongsam_gownsleeveless_sexy_Chinese_gown_for_wedding  halter_cheongsam_wedding_gownChinese_style_long_wedding_gown

Who made Wedding qipao for you? – Prose Poem

who made wedding qipao for you

Part 1

Who made Wedding qipao for you?
Muse’s hand
cut-out silk and brocade
for your amazing beauty;
Green and red, matching
to decorate your pink blush
Graceful curves,
outline a dawn beauty from water town
Get closing, closing,
to the dream i am weaving for you.

Part 2

Relying the window, thinking
and recounting a deep miss;
Wrapping the coat,
Ecstasy bright eyes
express a romantic passion
Catching, retaining,
my heart under the dress
The hot of Red lips,
carving my loyalty;
Toggling sounds,
In your haggard folds
a graceful vision from a girl
A poem from YiAn
and ink,
writing a flowing poem.

Part 3

Moon, Misty
set off your pure figure;
Oriental dress,
wrapping your elegant soul.
A pure smile
a quite manner
shown the sense of China.
Who, eager to harvest
to harvest The long-awaited love
And you,
Turn around quietly in the setting sun

Smoke curling, Sigh rising,
My only Crush poetry,
Freezing the moment you left lonely.

How to Choose a Qipao for wedding

In fact, since the early 90s, the cheongsam began popular on wedding. But at that time a wedding qipao is basically in red, limited style. Today, the wedding qipao has been rich in color and style, and has become the oriental bride forever love. How to choose a suitable wedding cheongsam for the bride, we must consider very carefully from colors, styles, materials, and can not ignore the hair, shoes, make-up and other details.

The Color of Wedding Qiapo

Big Red: suitable for slightly older bride, because the big red can show the bride’s generous.
Rose Red: suitable for younger brides, because their own nice skin, combined with red roses, which can make the bride look pretty young.
Crimson: suitable for talented women.
White: suitable for the bride who has meticulous life.

The pattern of Wedding Qipao

Bride has long neck is suitable for high-necked wedding cheongsam. Bride has shorter neck is suitable for no-collar qipao dress.

The Materials of Wedding Cheongsam

Not to choose polyester fabric, because it is very easy to conduct static electricity. On spring and autumn wedding, you can choose thin material such as silk; on winter wedding, brocade may be the best choice.

The Shoes and the Wedding Qipao

Try not to select black color shoes, you can consider silk embroidery or velvet satin shoes, better in red color.

The Makeup and the Wedding Qipao

Avoid heavy makeup in addition to the eyelashes and eyebrows, which should be natural style, and lipstick color should match the color of wedding cheongsam.