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Your Mandarin Dress & His Tie

Remember the way your prom date color-coordinated his bow tie with your dress? Color coordination between a couple actually can go way beyond the prom night.

Grey Coat with Grey Tie

In America, there are two couples known for wearing matching outfits almost every day for more than 35 years. They are Mel and Joey Schwanke in Nebraska, and Donald and Nancy Featherstone in Massachusetts. You may not want to go this far, but it definitely feels sweet to color-coordinate your cocktail dress with your boyfriend’s or husband’s tie for social events you are both attending. In the meantime, you can choose a Mandarin dress to be your cocktail dress, following the example of Peng Liyuan, China’s first day.

Green Qipao Dress and Green Tie

Look at the first couple of China getting off the airplane arm in arm, with a lime green silk tie on him and a lime green glittery silk Mandarin dress on her. The exact match of color makes both of their outfits more eye-catching and even more elegant.

If you like lime green, here is a lovely lime green Mandarin dress with white polka dots:

Green Polka Dot Qipao Dress by ELEGENTE

In the next photo, Ms. Peng (please note that the Chinese name order puts the family name first and Chinese women keep their maiden names) is wearing a modernized Mandarin dress, which doesn’t come with a Mandarin collar but with distinctly Oriental embroidery.

Silver Qipao with Silver Grey Tie

This modernized Mandarin dress of Ms. Peng’s comes in silvery gray, whereas her husband’s tie is slate blue, a grayish shade of blue. So, this is not an exact match, but a coordination of similar colors. While it doesn’t impress as strongly as an exact match does, it’s a more subtle way of telling the world that the two are a couple. Some people prefer making implicit statements. If that describes you, simply pick a dress in a similar hue to your man’s favorite tie. It’s much easier than finding the exact color.

By the way, if your man has a nice silk tie in slate blue like President Xi’s, here is a Mandarin dress you can wear to subtly match it.

Blue & Silver Brocade Cheongsam by ELEGENTE

The silvery gray print makes the midnight blue background of the silk brocade dress look very close to slate blue.

Speaking of blue and gray, here is another photo in which China’s first couple presents a scheme of these two colors.

Blue Mandarin Dress with Blue Gray Tie

In this photo, President Xi’s tie is blueish gray, but his wife’s Mandarin dress comes mostly in a very bright shade of sapphire blue. When a couple uses this kind of color scheme, with the brighter color on the lady, it puts the spotlight on her.

If this glorious Mandarin dress appeals to you, here is one looking strikingly similar.

Blue Qipao with Pipa Placket

This Mandarin dress is in exactly the same shade of sapphire blue. It also comes with fancy embroidered flowers in the same position as those on Ms. Peng’s dress. But in a sleeveless design with a cute keyhole, it looks more youthful.

If you like working with blue to create a couple’s color scheme, here is one more example: Ms. Peng is wearing a purplish blue Mandarin blouse to go with her husband’s blueish purple tie.

Mandarin Cheongsam Top

It doesn’t matter that his tie is more purple and her dress is more blue. They look harmonious together, just like a couple being very close but keeping some individuality. This kind of color coordination really can symbolize a perfect modern relationship!