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Aesthetic Qipao Photography: at the youthful age

Aesthetic Qipao Photography: at the youthful age

Blue-and-white Qipao in The Old Alley

blue-and-white Qipao in the old alley

Calico velvet Qipao makes Mori-girl style

Calico velvet Qipao makes Mori-girl style

Perform a Scene of Prosperous and Ordinary Years

perform a scene of prosperous and ordinary years

Regina in an elegant Chinese-style Qipao shot on Chinese Lantern Festival

Recently, the prominent Chinese actress Regina released a  brand-new album. On Lantern Festival, a day for family reunion, Regina was elegant in a classic Qipao.


Aesthetic poetic Qipao shot in the southern Yangtze River

Aesthetic poetic Qipao album shot in the southern Yangtze River : beautiful elegant lady burning incense

Early Spring Retro Warm-toned Qipao with Big Wild Printings

It’s still not very hot, but the warm sunshine these days has already brought the warmth of spring. If you want to wear a retro Qipao in the early spring, then the Qipao with warm colour and big wild printings is a good option~


Qipao album: the prosperity of Southern Pavilion

Qipao album: the prosperity of Southern Pavilion

Linen Qipao with elaborate calico printing leaves you in a softest time

A simple Qipao of pink linen fabric and with elaborate calico printing leaves you in a softest time.

Appreciate Eighteen Springs through Old Shanghai Qipao album

You asked me whether it’s worth loving you. Actually, as you should know, true love shouldn’t be measured….

by Eileen Chang