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Girl Band in Mini Cheongsam – Musou

Whenever they get on stage in their iconic mini cheongsam, audience would go crazy. The well-known Taiwanese girl band Musou Band was inspired by Twelve Girls Band from mainland China who achieved great success in Japan. The leader of Musou said that they never though that they would achieve so much, now there are at least 30 bands who are copying them.”

mini cheongsam girl band musou (1)
Team members of Musou Band in their iconic mini cheongsam


Founded by the end of 2008, “Musou Band” is the first Chinese folk music girl band in Taiwan. 40 members were chosen from Chinese folk music major students from major Taiwanese universities. And they are still recruiting new members annually.

mini cheongsam girl band musou (3)
5th generation Musou Band

In fact, the current members of “Musou Band” are the fifth generation. Each performance, there will be at least 3 to sometimes over 20 members to get on stage. Since several members are college students, the band has to get back up members.

mini cheongsam girl band musou (2)
In order to fit in mini cheongsam, members are in perfect body ratio

To make sure members can fit in challenging mini cheongsam, recruitment are somewhat strict with candidates, “they don’t have to be very tall, in fact, the average height of the team was about 165cm (5.4 ft), but you have to be in good body ratio, or longer legs.” said the team leader.

mini cheongsam girl band musou (5)
Members of Musou Band at a commercial performance

Except for professional stage training, new members would have be trained with their postures. Professions will teach them how to talk, walk and perform in a elegant manner when they are in those mandarin mini cheongsam.


During their spare times, members of the band would be working in a coffee house near Ren Ai Park in New Taipei City. Many fans would come for the band.

“We spend most of our time in the coffee house. And we work as shifts, when some members are performing, others would be working as waitresses, we make coffee, cakes, and help serving customers.”

mini cheongsam girl band musou (13)
Musou Band Performing in Manila, Philippine

The leader said that, although the location is not ideal, but the money is not the most important thing. With the coffee house, members get to excise, and it is also part of the marketing for the band. Many fans know about the coffee house, it help members and fans interact, and that they felt supported by their fans. And fans can get peripheral products from the coffee house.


Letters from a Cheongsam Dress Woman – Music Recommendation

“A Letter from an Unknown Woman” is a movie directed by Xu Jing-Lei. A cheongsam dress costume movie based on a novella “Brief einer Unbekannten” by Stefan Zweig. Published in 1922.

cheongsam dress costume movie (19)

Poster of the cheongsam dress costume movie “A Letter from an Unknown Woman”


The soundtrack of the movie was by a new age composer Lin Hai. Music critics call Lin Hai, the most noted pianist both in China and Taiwan, a genius with an eastern right hand and a western left hand. The music he composed for the cheongsam dress costume movie perfectly suits the movie, greatly boosted the lingering taste of the beauty of the cheongsam dressed women of that particular age of China:


1948, winter, an author (by Jiang Wen) received a long letter on his birthday. The letter was written by a woman (by Xu Jing-Lei) on her deathbed. It was about her love for him for nearly 20 years that he didn’t know.

18 years ago, a 13-year-old girl felt in love with the author next door, although the girl moved out of the neighborhood, her fondness for the author did not go away. As the girl grew up into a student, she moved back to the old house, and she had an affair with the author as she wished. But the author had no idea who she was. And one day the author left for some business, and the girl heard nothing from him since then. She gave birth to a baby alone in desperate. In order to feed her baby, the girl became a cheap woman who would attach to men for money. Years after that, she finally got a chance to met the author she loves again, the author still did not recognize her…

A gallery of the cheongsam dress costume movie: