Top 5 Qipao Tailor Stores in Shanghai

Whatever patterns it is designed with, when closely wrapping woman’s body, Qipao completes its duty of making its wearer charming and emits fascinating and exceptional fragrance!

If Qipao beauties are the most enchanting sights, then Qipao tailors are the most modest talent scouts behind those sights. Every woman should own a custom-tailored Qipao. Let’s check some boutique Qipao custom-tailoring stores in Shanghai!


Shanghai’s South Bund enjoys a widespread reputation for custom-tailoring clothes. Fenghexiang is located there.

Fenghexiang has been the leading Qipao store in Shanghai since over 10 years ago. They used to custom-tailor the Chinese-style dresses for the 2001 APEC Meeting in Shanghai. The chief tailors of the store have already engaged in manually tailoring Qipaos for over forty years. They make a prototype for every Qipao from fabric, workmanship to cut, and tailor Qipao according to every customer’s figure. Because of extremely high cost-effectiveness, you can always see blondes in the store who are attracted by its reputation.

Address: No. 192, 1st Floor,399 Lujiabang Rd., Shanghai South Bund Soft-Spinning Material Market. The market’s gate is located on the Nancang Street.


Ligulong is a famous high-end Qipao custom-tailoring store in Shanghai.Its prosperity and exquisite manual stitches show another beauty of Qipao.

Main features: the Qipaos can be completely opened; retro manual Chinese buttons are closely arranged; the long colourful trims fully wrap the whole Qipao from neckline to hemline. With these features, the Qipaos look exquisite ,no matter how you look at it.

Address:205 Changle Rd.


Hanyi has been operated for some years. It’s a pity that Mr.Chu,who is a founding master of Hanyi and now 90 years old, is no longer running the store himself. Fortunately, the Qipaos of the store are still so beautiful. There are many patterns and fabrics for your option. Qipaos are mainly designed with mock zipper-style placket. Except for a little old-fashioned patterns, the Qipaos are popular among older females on the whole. The prices are a little high.

Address:221 Changle Rd.


It is a store that custom-tailors traditional and improved Qipaos. The boss, also a designer, usually incorporates fashion elements into Qipaos by referring to inspirations of foreign fashion designers, letting traditional Qipaos show new vitality. So, what the whole store represents is a beauty of improvement, though their products are lack of the charm of traditional Qipao !

Address:72 Maoming South Rd.


For many overseas Chinese, Ordering a custom-tailored Qipao online might be the best choice. Except that tailors aren’t able to take measurements for you, other processes are the same as those done when you order Qipaos in the store. As the largest online custom-tailoring Qipaos brand, provides service for taking measurements online. You can obtain your own body data in only 10 minutes. Then 15 days later, you’ll receive your own Qipao sent by international express. You can have a try.