2013 Flared skirts dress (Art dress) publishing

2013 flared skirts dress trendsSense of structure is one of important elements of 2013 couture trends. while the hem of a dress is structured into specific shape and style, the meaning of dress should be different and unique, especially when the shaping fiber is applying to its design. In 2013, the sense of structure are popular and widely applying to the new design of clothing not only for luxury brands but also for fast company. Continue reading 2013 Flared skirts dress (Art dress) publishing

Jocelyn, Cheongsam and Jade jewelry

Chinese costumes and Jade jewelry

Chinese style fashion is spreading through the vogue, many designs of fashion clothing are mix up with Chinese elements.  Jocelyn are one of Chinese cultural lovers, she was learning Chinese recently and wanted to know more Chinese history. the traditional Chinese style jade jewelries with cheongsam highlighted her oriental elegance and also western fashion.

the price of Jade is increasing largely recent years, many famous designers from Luxury brands are applying Chinese jade elements into their designs in order that they can attract more Chinese high-end clients.

Jocelyn was speaking for a famous luxury jewelry brand by dressing traditional Chinese costumes. She said:” I feel unique feeling when i am dressing these unique jewelry”. the set of Jade jewelries was matching with traditional Chinese costumes, which brought Jocelyn not only classy but also fabulous.

these jade jewelries was priced millions of dollars. Only royal people can enjoy it.

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Chinese syle fashion clothing

Chinese couture and Jade set

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