Vietnam Beauty and Long Gown

vietnam cheongsam beauty

Someone asked me: “What’s the different between Chinese cheongsam and Vietnam long gown”. Actually, there are many similar with Chinese cheongsam and Vietnam’s, such as Oriental pattern, Mandarin collar, High-split and Perfect fitted.

Although Vietnam costumes was improving from Chinese cheongsam, it has its own characters.

  • Vietnamese prefer bamboo and lotus pattern;
  • the Vietnam gown is extremely longer than Chinese cheongsam;
  • Unlike Sexy and high-split in Chinese dress, Vietnam cheongsam with higher split, it normally extend into waist, and  should also dress long pants;
  • Although Vietnam cheongsam might design mandarin collar, it’s also has other fashion collar, Chinese dress must have mandarin collar.

We are very happy that Vietnamese like Chinese dress and culture, and was improving their own national costumes from Chinese dress. As cheongsam fashion editor, some of changes i’m still not understanding, such as higher-split , but i am understand that different ethnic should have different view of fashion. Vietnam costumes might bring the unique feeling to us.

2013 Chinese Costumes Fashion Conference – PartII

China silk 2013 Chinese Fashion Conference
After Ne-Tiger was publishing their 2013 Chinese fashion trends in the early Spring 2013, CHINA SILK was following to published their own 2013 Chinese fashion trends.

the 2013 Ne.Tiger Chinese Fashion Trends was get closed to the world fashion elements, such as Generous-colored, Small floral print and Vintage. CHINA SILK are persisting in his own ways – 100% Chinese Elements. Qing Dynasty official costumes, Chinese small Jacket and Chinese kimono was applying to its new design and pattern. Besides the traditional Cheongsam dress, Chinese wedding dress, Loose cheongsam dress are become the collection of 2013 CHINA SILK fashion conference.

Oriental Beauty Makeup Tips

oriental beauty makeup

Oriental beauty and oriental makeup are catching the eyes of audience from the world fashion show.  oriental makeup can make you be a oriental beauty just with few outline.

Eye tails ignite enthusiasm

Red is the sudden emergence of the color in make-up, it indeed bring hot and passion to the decoration. But ill-using can break it up. the key point of using red make-up is the 1/3 length of eye tails as its ending.

oriental style makeup

Golden eye shadow

Pearlescent eye shadow can describe well of Chinese zen style. if abuse, it will make you bloat, something like sleep is not enough.  you can apply golden to embellishing face, to form and improve the layers between brilliance and cold.

oriental makeup tipsBlack eyeliner

Don’t be afraid to draw the black eyeliner, outline a strong and sparkle contour is much more important than what color are using. Black eyeliner can also balance the color of pupil and spread the black extensively. You should use light pearlescent in brow position and enrich the top of eyebrow to make yourself much more bloat.

oriental cheongsam and makeup

Red Lips

China red is spreading through the world in recent years. The strong and bright lips, detailed and intensive color blooming, what a weird oriental charming. To choose a semi-matte velvet texture lipstick,  to use a lip brush dipped the red lipstick into lips, isn’t too much dry and lubrication.

oriental makeup Zero defects cheek

Foundation of the cheeks should illustrate self and light.  Bobbi Brown said: “If i have a chance to choose a make-up to improve my appearance, i will absolutely choose concealer. it can highlight my whole look and conceal my black eyes. ” So, to choose a yellow series concealer is important tips to become a oriental beauty.