Cheongsam style Sexy Chinese dress – Exquisite Beauty

sleeveless black Chinese dress with red trim

Chinese exquisite beauty – Wang Likun dressing these 7 pieces cheongsam style Chinese dress seems very sexy and noble. these 6 (except wedding suits) collection of sexy Chinese dress featured with sleeveless and perfect-fitted design. as  traditional Chinese beauty, Ms. Wang was shocked when she wore these cheongsam dress and appropriate qipao hairstyle. please take a look.

Chinese Evening Gown for Wedding – Sense of China

We had already introduced luxury Chinese couture in the present post, but most of them can be only dressed in the solemn occasion, such as fashion show. today we are continuing to introduced some Chinese evening gown for wedding ceremony.

Chinese evening gown was adopted from Chinese cheongsam gown, or even Chinese cheongsam gown can be dressed in wedding party or some important gathering. Chinese bride prefer red color Chinese kimono suits or wedding dress, they are normally made in Chinese silk or brocade.
Sexy Chinese Cheongsam Halter Evening GownCheongsam Style Chinese Embroidery Gown

phoenix Embroidery_China red Evening GownBlue and White Cheongsam Evening Gown
RED China Evening Gown Suits


Halter Cheongsam Evening GownGold Embridery Cuff_Chinese Evening Gown Embrodiered Red China Evening Gown

Chinese Brocade Evening Gown Jacket

Tank Top Haute Couture


2013 NE.TIGER Chinese Haute Couture – What’s to expect?

NE-TIGER Chinese Haute Couture 2013

As one of most famous Chinese Haute Couture label, NE.TIGER leads the fashion of China. NE.TIGER had already  published 2010/2011/2012 New products, people should be shocked by its luxurious and Chinese style elements, and anticipating her 2013 New publish.

but What’s to expect?


2012 NE TIGER was still paying attention to Chinese traditional elements, Chinese embroidery, Phoenix & Dragon, Cheongsam style and Chinese pattern was leading the 2012 China fashion trend.

2011 NE.TIGER International Fashion Show

2011 NE.TIGER was introduced from Western fashion trend, vintage style and red-letter become it’s main subject.  Chinese styles were still charming.

2010 NE.TIGER International Fashion Show

In 2010, NE.TIGER was trying to apply more exaggerated effects to its design, exaggerated makeup and butterfly pattern was leading the fashion.

In 2013, Chinese style should be still lead the fashion, but should still expect more wonderful change.

An Everlasting Classic – Asian Couture Exhibition

Chinese couture in Shanghai

Chinese Cheongsam Couture – Fashon icon of Asian Couture

When it comes to Asian Couture, Chinese couture should be taken at first place due to its long history and fashion icon. (when someone say Asian couture, it normally means Chinese couture)

After drawing a lesson from Western evening gown, Chinese couture have both tradition and modern characters, and still as one of fashion couture recently.

Asian Couture Exhibition traditional hairstyle for chinese bride

Japanese Kimono Couture

Traditional Japanese kimono was learnt from Han Chinese clothing, but it have own characters. Although the traditional wedding kimono is pure white, designers also endow new meaningful and colorful elements on its design.

japanese kimono pure whitejapanese kimono whiteethnic japan kimono dress japanese kimono couture Japan wedding kimono dress traditional japanese kimono

Ethnic Korean Couture

Traditional Korean couture is much more graceful and dignified.

traditional korean couture traditional korean couture black traditional korean embroidered couture korean style red couture

 Indian Couture – Wrapped art

india ethnic couture showindia golden couture india ethnic couture india ethnic clothing

The Evergreen Elegance – Transformation of the Shanghai Qipao Couture

The past and present of Chinese Qipao Couture

The transformation of Qipao couture is the condense of Shanghai culture and the history of China.

Source: The dress of Banner-womann

shanghai lady gathering by dressing in qipao

“The cheongsam is a body-hugging one-piece Chinese dress for women; the male version is the changshan. It is known in Mandarin Chinese as the qípáo (旗袍; pronounced ch’i-p’ao, and is also known in English as a mandarin gown. The stylish and often tight-fitting cheongsam or qipao (chipao) that is most often associated with today was created in the 1920s in Shanghai and was made fashionable by socialites and upperclass women.”

Mix and Match

After China was dominated by Qing dynasty, Qipao couture become royal couture and fashion icon. The Chinese couture at that time was differ with recent couture from cutting, design and pattern. The combination between Han clothing and Qipao couture are continuing mix and match slowly.

Shanghai students were the earliest qipao fans of Han Chinese.

After the fall of Qing dynasty, Qipao couture become Han Chinese women’s trend. and the shanghai students walked in the street while dressing Qipao couture were become a best scenery at that time.

National couture

in 1921, Qipao couture become one of Chinese national clothes at the republic period. Qipao couture are the most popular dress until the end of 1940. at that time, qipao went abroad to the world.

Qipao culture in Movie

from 1949, qipao couldn’t be accepted by the conservative Chinese government during that time, qipao couture almost disappeared.

After several qipao movie released ( <Lust, caution>, <In the mood for love>, <2050>), qipao turned back to our daily life.

Spring 2013 Haute Couture Trend Report

2013 Chinese Cheongsam Couture trend

After ELEGENTE.COM published their 2013 early Spring Chinese couture, Fashion world is Continuing to launch their 2013 spring Haute Couture. Although the trend of Chinese couture is totally different from the world fashion, it can also find the common between Chinese trend and the world.

Keywords of 2013 Chinese Couture Trend Report:


Chinese designers was daring to apply much more Generous-colored pattern of Chinese couture to its design, such as rainbow, dark purple, etc.

Small floral print

Small floral print pattern are continuing attracting designers’  attention due to its classy and vintage.


Traditional Chinese elements are applying to the design of Chinese couture, such us Chinese landscaping, or Embroidery.

2013 trend - Floral

keyword of 2013 Spring couture trend: Floral print

Flora print is the one of several evergreen elements in the vogue. in 2013 spring trend, plant floral print is still expressing and bringing us new and fresh impression.

Gucci 2013 Spring, Valentino 2013 Spring、Stella McCartney 2013 Spring (left to right)

2013 Couture trend - Bohemia

keyword of 2013 Spring couture trend: Bohemia

The Bohemia style is the style of leisure and tour, but only the girls with personally characters can dress it well.  Maxi length skirts already brought you weird and unbalanced feelings. Be careful to dress Bohemia dress.

Christian Dior 2013 Spring、Just Cavalli 2013 Spring、Louis Vuitton 2013 Spring (left to right)

2013 Spring trend - Small fresh

keyword of 2013 Spring couture trend: Little bright

Young and tall girls are born for little bright couture. To be a little bright girl by dressing light color and simple light bright couture.

Balmain 2013 Spring, Balenciaga 2013 Spring、Chanel 2013 Spring (left to right)

2013 Vogue - White and black

keyword of 2013 Spring couture trend: simple shape

Simple is the evergreen subject of Fashion. couture with simple shape and colors always brought us too much sexy and easygoing.

3.1 Phillip Lim 2013 Spring, Chloé 2013 Spring, Celine 2013 Spring

2013 world fashion - Elegant & Vintage

keyword of 2013 Spring couture trend:  Elegant & Vintage

Chinese cheongsam couture are the most elegant and vintage dress in the world. Elegant and vintage also the main subject of world trend.

Alexander McQueen 2013 Spring, Christian Dior 2013 Spring, Chanel 2013 Spring (left to right)

2013 couture trend - Red-letter

keyword of 2013 Spring couture trend: Bright colors

The early spring has never been a lack of bright colors. dressing bright colors outfit isn’t only carry the attention but also bring happy and leisure feelings.

Givenchy 2013 Spring,  DKNY 2013 Spring, Marc Jacobs 2013 Spring (left to right)

2013 New fashion - Clairvoyant outfit

keyword of 2013 spring trend:  Clairvoyant outfit

Clarivoyant outfit is too sexy to fit elegant and traditional Chinese women, so few of Chinese couture was applied clairvoyant its design. But, western outfit seems very normal to dress clairvoyant outfit.

Alexander Wang 2013, Calvin Klein Collection 2013, Moschino 2013 Spring (left to right)

2013 Spring trend - Exaggerated accessories

keyword of 2013 spring trend:  Hyperbolic Accessories

If you wanted to catch more attention in the simple ear of Fashion, hyperbolic accessories are must-have issues. simply decoration can bring enough exhibition.

Christian Dior 2013 Spring,  Gucci 2013 Spring, Alexander McQueen 2013 Spring.

Although Chinese couture have both traditional Chinese dress elements and western evening gown, it’s still keeping in his own characters and sense of fashion.

Elegant Chinese Costume Couture in X’mas party

When a elegant Chinese couture appear in the X’mas party, it might caught more attention. Although X’mas was origin from Western world, it’s become the common festival for most of the world, such as China. traditional Chinese festival such as Dragon Boat Festival, Qixi Festival (Chinese Valentine’s Day) isn’t as popular as X’mas.

Chinese costume couture was reformed from Chinese cheongsam dress after combining with western evening gown. Chinese couture is the perfect mix between Chinese traditional culture and international fashion. Chinese costumes was inheriting from traditional Chinese dress elements (Chinese embroidery, Chinese painting, Chinese pattern, Chinese frogs and Mandarin collar), and applying much more fashion elements to its design.

Many designers inspired from traditional Chinese costumes, and applying more China elements to its design. you might see lots of Chinese style evening gown in the T show – That’s Chinese couture.

Chinese couture isn’t out of fashion, but a new trend. Dressing Chinese couture to attend X’mas party or some important party isn’t unique and little sense of cultural temperature.

Chinese Couture Embroidered Sweater DressChina Red Couture TopsBlack Cheongsam CoutureFloral Chinese V Costume

2013 Chinese Cheongsam Couture Collections

Cheongsam Costumes Couture

Standing in the cloudy street, seeing the Haute Couture comes and goes, it’s only lack of Chinese couture.

Having been working as Couture designer for years, i am not satisfied when i must modified the design just because it’s too sexy to attract traditional women;  i am not satisfied just because Chinese costumes are out-of-fashion and planning to go to museum; i am not satisfied when a young girl said “weird” about Cheongsam costumes and shy to dress it; i am also not satisfied Chinese couture only dressing in the wedding ceremony and labelled “traditional”.

Ladies who dressing Chinese costumes couture should be classic and fabulous. Chinese couture should have her own status in the fashion stage.

After combination all discussion among fashion designers and ladies, the new 2013 Chinese Cheongsam Costumes Couture was published.

These 10 styles of 2013 Chinese couture collection is not just modified issues for commercial purpose, but all express the ideas of designers.

You might lose a subject to describe all of them,  they are just single and mix. Some traditional, some modern; some classic, some sexy… it can only be described well when it’s dressing on your body.

This 10 styles of Chinese costumes couture isn’t  totally on behalf of 2013 New Chinese costumes trend, it’s just a way of my expression to fashion and tradition.

the Story of Chinese Haute Coutures

A tale of Chinese Cotures

Named of Chinese couture, to forget the elapsed time;
no one as you and me,
walk across the lonely street,
alone at night.


Lost myself at the dream,
hesitating between red and white rose.
A man means a life,
then, can i freeze all memories?


Not matter how She wrapped herself,
show interests to nothing,
laugh for my desolation.
the lyrics is extruded from my mouth,
who are you? who am i?


seeing the light turns on and off,
night-time in the street,

Chinese Coutures Collection Blue

the handmade fiber for Chinese coutures

Watered Gauze

Watered Gauze, also called Gambiered Canton Gauze as one of Chinese traditional fiber for traditional Chinese Qipao, is an ancient Chinese handmade plants fabrics with more than 1000′s history.

1. Natural dyeing

I.   Using boiled silk fibers;
II,  Dioscorea;
III. River mud;

the process of couture fiber

2. Drying ground

Drying ground is important factor of  dyeing water gauze;  drying ground must be flat, cover with river mud and sand, and plant 1~2cm high grass.

the handmade process of Chinese haute couture

3. High-density Encryption weaving skill

Using this unique weaving skill. the cloth will be with good permeability, opacity,  and wrinkle resistance.

the secrets of manual Chinese cotures

4.  Rare and Seasonal

Adhere to the handmade production at appropriate season not just for commercial purposes; The fiber only can weave in the appropriate season (April ~ Oct.) in order that the fiber can be dry in enough sunshine, proper temperature and proper moisture.

Original design

to be continue…

Manual Chinese Haute Coture highest grade Chinese cheoongsam couture

Qipao hairstyle for Chinese bride

vintage hairstyle for chinese wedding

This is a wedding season during the upcoming of Chinese traditional New year; to be a traditional Chinese bride, Chinese wedding dress are must-have stuffs for your ceremony. It’s very easy to choose a suitable traditional wedding dress online, but when it comes to hairstyle, girl who waiting for her wedding always are confusing – Fashion hairstyle mix with traditional Chinese wedding dress seams little weird and inappropriate;

You might need some models for reference, here are some tips: