Fashion icon: Miss world & Blue qipao

Miss world in blue Chinese dress

Who is the most beautiful and sexy girls in the wolrd? – Miss World.
Why they prefer to dressing qipao in the contest? To show the perfect of their body.

Qipao, as the art of body(also called secondary skin of women), are the most famous Chinese costumes and art in the world. There are not any asian dress as elegant and sexy as qipao dress. Japanese kimono is the wrapped art; Vietnam dress split into the waist, just a qipao bad learner. When we say Asian dress, it mostly means Chinese qipao dress.

Miss world Liu Feier is on the blue qipao; She was decorated very well of qipao with her perfect 3D, and the blue qipao also highlighted her perfect body. This blue long cheongsam with sleeveless and high-split seams just tailored for Miss world.

Miss world in blue Chinese dress Miss world in blue Chinese dress Miss world in blue Chinese dress Miss world in blue Chinese dress Miss world in blue Chinese dress

Classic cheongsam back to Shanghai woman

Classic shanghai cheongsam women

Classic Shanghai women should be a qipao women with silk handkerchief and armed with sandalwood fan. In the centuries, Shanghai women is like so, walk between tradition and fashion, orient and western, vintage and modern, classic and sexy no matter in the period of war time or in the Flourishing day.

It say that Shanghai women dare to wear any kinds of dresses – Sling dress, super mini skirt, underwear dress outside are all over the street. Unfortunately, There are few qipao women in the street.

Shanghai women with noble temperament, white and delicate skin, perfect body, Cheongsam was born for Shanghai women; Cheongsam was considered as Wrapped art, but women dressing cheongsam dress should be highly elegance and sexy, this sexy art should be shown off by wrapped qipao.

There are some reasons proven the rare qipao women in the street, One is that shopping with qipao seems very weird and out of trend, one is shopping with cheongsam can’t enjoy free and leisure feeling.

Traditional Shanghai qipao was very particular about perfect-fitting, and women with traditional Shanghai cheongsam must be dressed by taking a deep breath and raising chest and abdomen. It really shaped your body, but it’s too tried to dress cheongsam. Modern and fashion cheongsam exceeded this limition, and endue free and leisure to its design. Choosing a proper cheongsam dress to shopping should be highly recommended, It will bring you not only elegance but also self-confidence.

Recently, Social meeting are very popular in New Shanghai, some invitation wrote “Please dress formal dress to attend”, Shanghai women invariably return to the embrace of the cheongsam.

shang women in qipao walked in the street

Qipao mobile – The Mix between Tradition and Technology

Chines wind spread through the world these years, and Qipao is on behalf of its trends. From Maggie Cheung in the moive “In the mood for love” to Tang Wei in the “Lust, Caution“, Qipao Captured the hearts of Vogue. As famous movie star, Lin Bingbing dressing Black and red qipao to attend a mobile conference, was also caught media’s eyes.

lin bing bing in red qipao

In the party, Lin walked from the crowd with a piece of black and red qipao just like a princess walked out from the screen – Blurred eyes, pure face, tall, hot and elegant qipao dress Constituted a beautiful landscape.

lin bing bing qipao mobile

During the conference, She was playing a mysterious mobile phone. This red mobile was very similar with the dress she wore, same red and black. This perfect combination let us associated that Lin custom made qipao all because of this mysterious.

This is a conference for New design Qipao element Mobile. Let’s take a look:

red qipao mobileChina red qipao mobilesilver qipao mobileblack qipao mobile

Cheongsam Ballet

Ethnic clothing, traditional Cheongsam and tunic, canvas shoes and sandals, snakeskin style LV handbags… Vintage style spread through the vogue. Traditional taste and subculture get ride of “Out of fashion” and exudes the fragrance of the trends.

I was very proud of an opera art – Cheongsam ballet. This kinds of art express is on behalf of the mix between western classical and romantic fashion art and Oriental art qipao. Their perfect match brought us another kinds of trend – That’s also the Quality we hunter for: Free, Simple, and Unique.

Actually, there are always a piece of dress, called “Cheongsam ballet”, in our mind.

Ballet qipao attractingBallet cheongsam attracting

Qipao accessories

What kinds of accessories arrange for Qipao dress? How to arrange groups for Qipao? There are few topics what discuss about Accessories for Qipao. Traditional Chinese dresses should be matched by Chinese element accessories. This earrings was designed by Matzo Paris only for Chinese qipao. – Water drops pendants and Green Jade body designs highlight China element and also kept in the trends of fashion. If you are dressing a luxury Qipao to attend an important occasion, this jade water drop earrings should be must-have accessories.

jade earrings for qipao

The beauty of Qipao is the qipao’s grace. This brooch decorated well in the grace of Qipao. Blue gem bud highlighted the green jade leaves. Vintage design was very matched to the Traditional Chinese dress.

jade Brooch for cheongsam

Celebrities and Qipao cheongsam

Carina Lau in Chinese dress

As big Su Zhou beauty, Carina Lau is Worthy of such beautiful secondary skin – qipao; Although youth isn’t still keeping, she is beautiful whatever. Qipao cheongsam in Women with story are more Style of all sorts.

Teresa Teng in Qipao

Teresa Teng was gone, but her smiles was keeping in our heart; Teresa like to dress Qipao cheongsam in her concert, just remember the last elegance she brought to us.

Shu Qi in qipao

There are nothing difference among Japanese, Vietnamese and Chinese in the eyes of Westerner. In the eyes of Western designers, Chinese was described as Vietnamese, or just Japanese with weird Japanese geisha makeup. They took Apparent silk as Qipao fiber, took Dudou (Chinese intimates) as outwear, or just makeup like monkey… Shu Qi is monkey now. – In traditional Chinese culture, Women in qipao should be elegant and graceful rather than heavy makeup or too sexy to be a geisha.

Natalie in pink qipao gown

Natalie mother couldn’t be young again, this dress of qipao turn her back to her thirties.

Michelle Yeoh in black cheongsam

Michelle Yeoh with black qipao was attending an conference as Bang girl.

Michelle Reis Chinese dress

Chinese first beauty – Michelle Reis, in the dress of Traditional Chinese silk dress.

CoCo in red cheongsam

Coco was still hot.

A collection of Luxury Custom-made Cashmere Qipao dress

Luxury cashmere cheongsam dress is on behalf of The hightest quality in Cheongsam industry. That’s because of the lack of Cashmere and the complicated skills of Tailored made Qipao.

You can custom-made a Cashmere Qipao dress for Unique feeling, and can be collected for future appreciation.

This collection is made of highest quality cashmere and tailored made by Old Qipao master, the background color is Red, and with some Big yellow Chrysanthemum decorated in half side. High-split, high-collar, and long length let the women who wore this qipao dress not only elegant but also sexy enough.

rainbow woolen cheongsam dressyinyang woolen long qipao gownred and colorful cashmere long traditional chinese dressescashmere qipao dress boutique

Qipao cheongsam beauty in Cigarette ads

floral qipao beauty in cigarette vintage qipao beauty in cigaretteFrom the later Qing dynasty to Republic period, Qipao cheongsam beauty ads spread through China. Oval showcase shown the perfect-looking of Qipao girls and the shortcut of their lifestyle. Business was applying colorful drawing Cheongsam beauty pattern to its products to attract buyers.
traditional qipao beauty in cigaretteThese Qipao beauty were cute, self-confident, with high-heel, play piano or reading or just sitting, they were exposing the modern and new fashion characters at that time.
blue cheongsam beauty in cigaretteCheongsam beauty become important characters in Cigarette advertisement; To attract more clients, Girls dressing sexy qipao and exposed their legs and breast were applied to the ads.
sleeveless qipao beauty in cigaretteThe artists of ads painting was not only known the traditional Chinese culture, but also learnt fashion and modern elements from Western world. So, the works were modern,  open-minded and revolutionary instead of Conservative.
improved qipao beauty in cigaretteFrom the change of these ads, we can easy see the upgrade of Qipao cheongsam,  Qipao cheongsam were applying more and more fashion and sexy elements to its design. From long qipao to short cheongsam, from long sleeve to sleeveless, from low-split to high-split…Qipao was changing upon the Emancipation of women and their Open-mind.
long balck cheongsam beauty in cigarette floral cheongsam beauty in cigarette taditional cheongsam beauty in cigarette shanghai qi pao beauty in cigarette sexy qipao beauty in cigarette embrodiery qipao beauty in cigarette