What Cheongsam do Presidential Spouses of Singapore Like to Wear?

Do you know what cheongsam Mrs. Lee Kuan Yew like to wear?
The middle one is Mrs. Lee Kuan’s wear costume on her husband’s 80th birthday. The right one is wearing on her son’s Prime Minister inauguration. The left one shows Southeast Asian style .

Mrs. Lee born in a noble family, graduated from Cambridge University. She always with short hair and cheongsam appear in public , simple and dignified.

The wife of the second president Benjamin Henry Sheares of Singapore was born in Fujian Province, China. Mrs.Sheares like different patterns of cheongsam. She has traditional elegance of Chinese women.

Wife of the fourth President of Singapore, who stay at home after marriage. Mrs. Huang like wearing cheongsam as well.

Mrs.Lin, the wife of Singapore’s fifth president, was born in Shanghai. She like silk cheongsam, which demonstrates dignified and noble charm.

Next, look at the cheongsam designed by world’s top fashion designers — John Galliano, former chief designer of the famous French brand Dior.

British fashion godfather Alexander, British style cheongsam. The middle one is a Singapore fashion designer Chan Wing’s work, with lace decoration is also very unique.

Actress Lin Dai’s cheongsam was amazing, which makes her sexy and elegant.

The cheongsam of local people of Singapore is also colorful. Due to the tropical climate, sleeveless sexy cheongsam is quite popular in Southeast Asia.

photos by sina.com.cn

Appreciation on Chinese frogs

The buttons of cheongsam has various patterns, which has been popular since Manchu, mostly for decoration. Pankou, also known as Chinese frogs, invented initially for ladies dress in Ming dynasty. Gradually, Chinese frogs were widely used in Manchu costumes. With the trend of costumes in Qing dynasty, traditional Chinese cheongsam were widely featured by the Chinese frogs, which also become one of the typical elements of the so-called “Chinese clothing”. Chinese frogs including various pattern, such as floral style button, slit style buttons. The following are some brief introductionon Chinese frogs.

Square knotted button

Basket knotted button

Branch knotted button

Swallow knotted button

Copper knotted button

Bud knotted button

Double layer knotted button

Leaf knotted button

Frog knotted button

Chrysanthemum knotted button

Butterfly knotted button

Pipa knotted button

Slit knotted button

Three layer knotted button

Mix and Match: Retro trends of Cheongsam dress

Cheongsam, as one of Traditional Chinese Clothing, is hard to match and mix well from New fashion accessories; A bag, a hat or a pair of shoe seems Incompatible with your Qipao elements. Although improved cheognsam was applied more fashion elements, retro style was still kept.

Here are some mix tips for your consideration:

Part 1: Vintage and Gorgeous Cheongsam

Box-shaped short fur + High-neck Cheongsam

Fur element, as very popular trim decoration in Winter, are very luxury and elegant.
MATCH TIPS: Choose High-neck or Napel collar Cheongsam dress with shining silk or retro flower patterm, Choose dark shiining Cheongsam to match Gray fur jacket; Choose Fur element accessories to highlight Cheongsam rather than just Fur;

Shawl + Qipao

Shawl and Qipao are great patner; A shawl not only keep you warmth from thin silk Qipao dress, bu aslo decorate Qipao more graceful, decorou and classic.
MATCH TIPS:Choose Fur or Cashmere Shawl fo Luxury Material Cheongsam; Choose shining and amlight Shawl for Solid color Cheongsam dress;

Part 2: Ethnic Style Qipao

Qipao tops + Harem pants

Mix and Match are trending, So the match of Cheongsam is full of Challenge; Matching Qipao tops with Harem pants, That may be the best and unique show of Qipao

MATCH TIPS: Matching with colorful stockings and ankle boots, or just backless qipao dress, or qiao with lowcut, This kinds of Match and Mix are so amazing and sexy.

Qipao style coats + expansion skirt

Qipao coats improved from Qipao dress, thicker and length above knee;

MATCH TIPS: Short Qipao coats match Expansion skirt, Lengths of them are key points of this match, Qipao solid color or dark floral is better.

Sourcing: China Handicraft

Pipa style Chinese Bride Gown red

Pipa plackets Red Qipao gown matching Chinese round fan, make the bride graceful and noble. Sleeveless Pipa Qipao gowns are more suitable for tall girl.

One Paragraph of Chinese famous poem describe well the girl who dresses such elegant and noble wedding dress:

 “Only after our repeated calls did she appear; her face still half hidden behind a pipa lute.”


photos from hercity.com

Ling Bingbing’s Qipao Show in Lastest Movie “Resident Evil 5”

With a tight red cheongsam dress, Li Bingbing demonstrates an impressive role in movie “Resident Evil 5”. This red qipao dress with two sides slit, dotted with golden flowers and butterflies, and then with black high heels is really sexy.

In order to design a suitable qipao with Chinese elements, the designers soon get ready to work. Although the material is very hard, it makes simple and smooth lines. The design of this red qipao is really a complex hard work.

That is to say, Li Bingbing’s red cheongsam is totally hand-tailored. Contrast with prototype of the king, the designers began to prepare sketches, painting lots of butterfly patterns on paper, and alter a number of times, and finally set first clothing of king. The designers need to take Li Bingbing’s figure into account at the same time. Li Bingbing says she needs assistant’s help to wear this red cheongsam and it is a complicated process. Therefore, it is not hard to see the importance of the role of Li Bingbing.

Tapestry-Weaving &Embroidery Sleeveless Long Qipao gown

Tapestry-Weaving &Embroidery Sleeveless Long Qipao gown

This art embroidered qipao spent designers’ 2 years’ of time stitch by stitch, Ambilight embroidery using 30 colors’ silk, and perfect workmanship make it vivid and bright.; Tapestry-weaving (a type of weaving done by the tapestry method in fine silks and gold thread.) highlighted the Qipao.

Qipao still in Vouge – An Everlasting Elegance

Maggie Cheung hit the big screens, who prensented 21pcs of Qipao in the Mood of Love; Although in 2000, but Her Qipao roles are still in the eyes of women who sought for elegant and graceful lifestyle.

That’s see trends of Fashion, Qipao elements are applying to its fashion works again and again, Qipao style collar, Qipao style knotted buttons, and even high-split design are becoming designers’ favorite elements.

China Qipao elements offen appear at Recent famous Movie. Binbin Lee actress dressed Qipao in BIOHAZARD 5/RESIDENT EVIL 5.

Qipao as the first one of few luxury stuffs be exported to the world, others as Chinese Tea, Silk, Kungfu and Porcelain.

Ruifuxiang as one of most famouse China time-honored brands, are still busy on offering tailor Qipao service for onsumers over a century.

A tailored made qipao normally take two weeks, and a month if embroider a qipao. From measure the body to finished a dress, it take at least 10 processes, That’s why a tailored made qipao so luxury and expensive.

Zou Qiuming, as a tailor master in Ruifuxiang for over 30 years, is happy to see that more and more women, especially young girls, are coming to Ruifuxiang looking for outfits.

The design of Qipao are updating quickly, which combined traditional qipao culture with New fashion. We believe “Qipao” will be Luxury lable in the World fashion.

Elements that Determine the Beauty of Cheongsam

Key elements

Cutting: Qipao itself has strict requirements for female figure. Perfect cheongsam dress will not only meet the cheongsam own characteristics, but the female shape as well. Therefore, perfect qipao must be able to combine with the wisdom of designers in some details, such as adjusting the slits length, varying collar type according to your face, and consider visual effects of color.

Hand embroidery: The value of a cheongsam is often reflected in the hand-embroidered art, which requires not only the professional skills, but more embroidery patterns can be designed according to different needs. However, refined sewing does not mean high-quality. In fact, excellent skill needs the test of time.

Materials: As the softness of the materials directly affects the fitness of cheongsam. Traditional materials, such as brocade, which can slightly hide the weakness of your figure; but most people prefer to soft silk. So materials are also an important factors while choose a qipao dress.

Patterns: Although the current cheongsam gradually shift to the daily clothing, on some important occasions, certain elements still need to be demonstrated. Such as choose peony pattern for wedding qipao;  and male consider dragon pattern, female phoenix style.

Reference elements

Collar types: It is the first step to choose a Cheongsam dress. The designer may give you some advices according to your face.

Sleeve types: There are generally four types: long sleeve, short sleeve, 3/4 sleeve, sleeveless.

Slits: The length of the slits can be considered according to your age, which surely makes you sexy. Slits of the traditional Chinese qipao are usually for the solemn occasions.

Plackets: Usually, the plackets have four types, such as slant-cut plackets, round plackets, ruyi plackets, pipa plackets.

Buckle: This is the best detail that embodies the beauty of a cheongsam. Pipa buckle, butterfly clasp, two-tone buckle, and pearl buttons all demonstrate different female temperament. The collocation of buttons and collar display the value of cheongsam as well as the wisdom of the designer.

How to Choose a Suitable Cheongsam Dress

Cheongsam is a classical national costume, known as the symbol of Chinese clothing, which demonstrates female’s elegant, gentle temperament.

When select a Chinese qipao, you had better pay attention to the pattern and materials.

In terms of pattern, you had better choose the round plackets, stand-up collar and cloth-fitting pattern. And qipao dress with mid-thigh length and 3/4 sleeve is a better choice.

As for materials, you should consider soft materials with beautiful color. You can choose it according to your own dress style, figure and occupation.

Dark green, purple or red flowers velvet cheongsam make you solemn and gorgeous.

Knitted polyester sewing cheongsam has a sense of elegance, more importantly, this kind of qipao dress in a reasonable price.

Cheongsam made of brocade or ancient satin fabrics, full of national culture, are suitable for the middle-aged women.

Chinese cheongsam made of silk or soft yarn fabrics, is a comfortable wear dress, which makes you charming and pretty.

Other tips

I, Regardless of your height, knee-length cheongsam is much convenience than long length qipao dress.

II, You should pay attention to the materials. Try to choose better materials, such as silk, brocade.

III, cheongsam, do not think only with disk into a bun hairstyle, although safe, but somewhat conservative and outdated. Capable short hair women can do to try high-necked dress, modern mix of aesthetic emphasis is a little deliberate discord.

VI,Pearlnecklace, bracelet is the traditional accessories of Chinese cheongsam. But the latest accessories are bright watches, which fit well the nostalgic cheongsam dress.