Dragon Qipao costume – Art dress in Museum

dragon qipao costumeEmbroidery is a traditional Chinese arts & crafts, with 1000s history. Su embroidery and Peking embroidery are two most famouse embroidery art in the world.

Embroidery art in Qing dynasty only applied to the Aristocratic palace, only noble people and officer could dress embroidery clothing in that time. Especially, Only emperor can dress Changpao which embroidered Dragon.

Due to its complicated processes and Expensive materials, Dragon embroidered Qipao Costume are only used in Art show or famous star who attent important ceremony.

In the 63rd Cannes Film Festival, Chinese famous star Bingbing fan wore this dragon costume and was shocking the wholesale fashion world. The dragon qipao costume spent designer’s 2 years’ time. It got The thirld of Redcarpet fashion awardsdragon qipao costume

Enland Meseum was very eager to keep this dragon costume in their meseum, but this Qipao costume was already kept by Madame Tussauds; So, Designer Mr.Luo decided to concribute another similar Dragon costume work of him.

This qipao gown might not be suitable for dailly dressing; So, reformed Dragon qipao are born; Without such complicated artworks, Designers applied dragon embroidery and golden color to his or her works, making art more fashionable.